The -gist of it

Picked up copy of Nicholson Baker’s The Anthologist today after reading it recommended in Psychologies Magazine (unexpectedly) by poet Joe Dunthorne (one of the Faber new poets). Judging by the fact its publishers have devoted 3 extra pages in the front of the book to ‘additional praise’, I’m hoping I might be in for a wonderful read. That, and the subject matter of a crisis-confident poet trying to weigh up whether he’s the man to write a definitive introduction to a new anthology, are definitely pluses for this particular anthology lover. We’ll see.

Today’s been a good creative day all-in-all. In freak new year’s behaviour, got up two hours early for work and wrote. That was primarily because it was School of Poets at the Scottish Poetry Library tonight and I wanted to try out my new three-silly-pillars style poems (first time I’ve tried to articulate what they are. Hmmm. Will revisit) in the read-round at the end. Good news, they enjoyed ‘a brilliant character dies early on’ and a wee extract from my Venice cemetery sequence too.

It was good to read ‘a brilliant character dies early on’ in front of an audience before doing it on the 26th Jan at Electra Mass. Thanks Zorras myspace for the handy link. The chaps behind it aren’t big on web publicising….


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