Eye Ball Gritty at the Embassy Members’ Show

So, while this is posting, I’m quite possibly reading my poems live in an Edinburgh pub, as plugged a couple of posts ago – such is the joy of the scheduled post on WordPress. But, hot on the heels of that, there’s another artistic venture of mine about to pop-up in another Edinburgh venue. On Friday night, the Members’ Show at Edinburgh’s committee-run ‘Embassy Gallery’  opens and it includes a piece from the collaboration that I’m doing with Zoe Fothergill (see links page on this blog).

I’ll blog more about this later, but the project is working with different sorts of stereo viewer and looks at a sort of fetishisation of viewing that’s bound up in their existence. We’re currently waiting for some actually Viewmaster reels to come back from America with our combination of image and texts printed on to them by a company there. I think they more regularly make viewing reels from wedding photos etc, so this is probably a bit leftfield for them?!

Here’s one of the slides from one of the reels.


This text captures some of the fun we’re having with a ‘naughty pleasure’ angle. This technology was used by early photographers to show titillating images, and we wanted to capture some of that vibe.

You might be able to see this as a stereo image on your computer if you practise going cross-eyed. Try to do it so that you can see 3 images, and the one in the middle will be in stereo. But be careful now! I don’t want you to get eye-strain over this.

At the Embassy show, we’ll be projecting a reel’s worth of images (7) oscillating between the left and the right eye photos.


One response to “Eye Ball Gritty at the Embassy Members’ Show

  1. Every time I try to unfocus my eyes they want to refocus. Blast you post and making me curious. 🙂

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