What a week!

I don’t normally have weeks like this. In fact, I only realised tonight when my friend the poet (and actual person) Jow Walton pointed it out, that I seem to be having a lot of creative outputs in a short space of time. I need to just congratulate myself for a moment, so please indulge me.

Notable Successes (ha!):

1) Reading at Electra Mass. Went down well I think. Lovely crowd, brilliant other readers, general japes. Tick!

2) Being the featured ‘friend’ in The Scottish Poetry Library’s guest column in their poetry reader and being told by them that they thought it was good. It came out this week and Robyn Marsack the SPL director tells me that August Kleinzhaler‘s book of poems was taken out today and I’d plugged it in my column, so I feel good about that.

3) This coming night having the Eye Ball Gritty collaboration with Zoe Fothergill getting a public outing in the Members’ Show at Embassy Gallery.

4) The new edition of Scree Magazine came out this week and features one of my poems on page 14. It’s a beautiful issue with a colour cover by marvellously talented Rachel Caunt, who loves kaleidoscopes.


Gloat over. Normal service will be resumed next post.


5 responses to “What a week!

  1. Congratulations! Sounds busy…and fun!

  2. Well it sounds like you deserve a round of applause!! Congrats on such an amazing week!!! Keep it up!

  3. Just thought you’d like to know that I managed to get all my poetry on my site. Just go to the poems page and click on poetry. I think it’ll show as a Word document.

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