Photopost #1

Just to break up all this text, I thought it’d be a different sort of contextualisation from my life, creative and otherwise, but all feeding in to the same well of memory, to put up some more or less disparate photos from my camera phone. I was chatting to photographer/academic Richard Williams tonight at the Inspace opening, and we were agreeing that since camera phones/new media etc, we’re all photographers, film-makers now, and it’s uncertain what status these activities have for us creative sorts. I certainly find myself taking pictures a fair bit with my phone, knowing that the equipment is not specialised for the genre and that I have no formal training etc.  But I like looking through them and they’re harder to mess up than poetry 😉

Portentous, or what?! :-/

2 responses to “Photopost #1

  1. cb53

    This is cool. I like it. Some of them are actually good. 😉

  2. Thanks cb, really cool of you to say so. I’ll never be a ‘photographer’ I reckon, but I enjoy capturing things that catch my eye and this is a fun platform to share what I’m looking at, I guess! I always get more of a sense of a person too, if I’ve had a peek at what they see everyday. Hope you’re good.

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