I can’t [well, couldn’t] wait, for the weekend to begin. Aha!

Ok, just a teensy wee update, given I’ve been not posting much and that the reason for that is that I’ve been doing the sort of stuff that I said I would be tracking. This last weekend was a nice  contiguity of a couple of my creative interests. I was through in Glasgow on Friday night to see my friend Tom Marshman perform at Buzzcut. Was a great excuse to visit The Old Hairdressers too. I’m realising that Glasgow is really a lot like Bristol in terms of quirky artist-led community spaces. Anyway, loved that and enjoyed getting a bit out of my, er, comfort zone.

Then, yesterday I caught the last day of StAnza, the poetry festival in St Andew’s. Picked the Sunday because previously discussed Joe Dunthorne was reading and Kathleen Jamie too (she’s doing an event at the Gallery next month so was good to get my ear back into her work). One of the things I loved about both weekend festivals was that I was able at each to talk directly to the performers about what they were doing. It made both events feel much more animating/energising and I really value that part of the festival experience. Plus kudos to whoever the girl was who was reading poems out to punters around the bar.

So, turns out Edinburgh in Spring is a pretty decent base to get to get to my various culturals from. Good to see friends old and new.

And lest anyone think that I was skiving off Mother’s Day, I took Mum and Dad to the pictures on Saturday in the middle to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. #guiltypleasures


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