New CAESURA date – 29th June

Hello! Things have jigged around a bit with the CAESURA reading series dates. I’m now reading on 29th June, a month earlier than before, so I guess I’ll get my poetry skates on because it’ll surely be upon me before I know it.

It’s a different line-up that night too with, excitingly, Peter Manson on it. See a recent example of his poetry here in this Hydrohotel issue.

Am feeling like I’ve earned some creative stripes today as PiP, the Poetry in Progress group I delight in being part of, regrouped last night for the first time in 2012. Much Prosecco and ink were spilled in the pursuit of ideal poetry. Interesting dreams followed – usually a sign for me that the creative tectonic plates are usefully on the move. I’ve been thinking a lot recently and processing the feedback I got over the last year about my writing and working through my reaction to the obstacle course of new reading I took myself over. It’s been daunting to work out where to direct my pen, but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and trust some new steps out again.


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