Iain Morrison reading @ Verse Hearse (Glasgow. 23rd Oct 7pm)

Hello Poetry-Pickers,

I’m reading again next week. In a foray outside of Edinburgh City limits, I’ll be appearing at Verse Hearse in happening Glasgow. The details for the event are on facebook here. In summary, it’s from 7-10pm at the Rio Cafe in Glasgow’ West End. I’d say more, but would risk sounding like a tourist guide, because the truth is I don’t know Glasgow as well as I’d like, although I’ve been there more times in the two year’s of living back in Edinburgh than I was in the 18 years of growing up here in the first place. I like the sound of this Rio Cafe, I’ll say that much.

I’m sharing a bill with David Kinloch (his website here). I’m looking forward to discovering his work. He sounds very accomplished, with three Carcanet publications under his belt.

And as well as getting to hear us read, you can join in after the break at an open mic section. The word is, it’s good. The night’s certainly run by friendly, good people, Calum Roger and Stewart ‘Sandy’ Sanderson, who wear their intellect with cheeky grins.

Get there early if you want to see me, I think. I’m probably going to read my sequence about the Venice cemetery island, so here’s a taster:


Your life has been as short as a smile

Their photos are bossy and glossy and glum,

or sometimes off-putting and sometimes a character treat. I like best

the ones which show them entirely alive,

though maybe this is perverse and salt in the wound, mud in their eye.

The shots that hurt are those of the mopey, the woebegone gone

or of the glossed, the unmossy young.


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