The annual ‘By Leaves We Live’ fair at Scottish Poetry Library (27th Oct)

i just wanted to add my recommendation to the many possible reasons for visiting the SPL’s annual small press/poetry/artists’ book fair. I’ve enjoyed going for the last few years and have been impressed by the growing energy of the talks programme. The SPL is riding high at the moment so I was expecting things to be even better than ever, and a glance at the programme proves my confidence justified.

The stallholders (they always manage to fit an amazingly large number in among the stacks) are:

Artist Book Group
unit4art / antonio claudio carvahlo
The Book Tree Press / Lucy Roscoe
Caseroom Press
Essence Press
David Faithfull
Hamish MacDonald
HappenStance Press
Hestan Isle Press
Jane Hyslop
Mariscat Press
Moschatel Press
The Owl and Lion Gallery
Alex Pritchard
Rag-and-bone shop Books
Red Squirrel Press
Roncadora Press
Salt + Shaw
Stichill Marigold Press
Mary Thomson
Wild Pansy Press

There will be somehow also be space for exhibitions in the library, including a display of Ian Hamilton Finlay, and a great series of poetry broadsheet posters including one by the able SPL librarian Julie Johnstone. They’re inspired by Hansjörg Mayer’s futura series from the sixties, so come with excellent historical credentials.

And some of the best bits will be the talks. The two below leapt out at me as not to miss, and I’m already trying to reschedule a walk in the Pentlands to get to them.


Typesetting & Typography
Gerry Cambridge, poet and editor of The Dark Horse, is one of the finest typesetters in poetry publishing. He talks about the importance of good typesetting and how an awareness of the elements of typography and layout can improve the appearance and readability of your poetry books and pamphlets.

30 years of Mariscat Press
Editor Hamish Whyte chats with Director of the Scottish Poetry Library, Robyn Marsack, about what it’s been like to run a publishing press for thirty years and talks about some of the poets he has published, such as Gael Turnbull and Edwin Morgan.


Congratulations Mariscat on your 30 years and congratulations SPL on yet another brilliant programme!



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