Al Filreis: Modern Poetry course online, starting in September

Hi y’all, (kitsch American greeting explained below, although apologies for being geographically way out!)

I’ve found out that Al Filreis – one of the most omni-present names in places that contemporary poetry is discussed – runs a free online course on ‘Modern Poetry’ each year. By modern poetry here he means charting the development of poetry from Dickinson and Whitman to the present day, and the course only looks at American Poets. Despite that stricture, it seems commendably broad.

Here’s a video Al F made with some of his students to promote the course last year. It’s complete with some pleasingly bashful camera work and initially unexplained presentation of Al F tightly boxed in the frame by two young women who react silently to everything he says. He seems like a lovely guy, I have to say.

Anyway, I think I may well take part in the course when it starts in 2013 on September 7th. It runs for 10 weeks and you only have to sign-up with an email address I believe.

Below is the link for more info on the course and how to sign-up:

‘If you haven’t enrolled in ModPo yet, go here to register:…. It’s free. The course begins on September 7 and runs for 10 weeks.’


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