Zoe[oz] & Iain[iaI]: Topping and Tailing!

This post comes accompanied by a sigh of contentment. Zoe Fothergill and I burst through the finishing line of our own investigative race against time, and delivered personal bests, or at least a lecture in a kitchen….

On 2nd March 2013, we gave a lecture/performance titled

Zoë Fothergill & Iain Morrison: Never Odd or Even

and subtitled

A formless monster of dismaying length, a rodent in a squirrel cage, going nowhere very rapidly and very tediously, and ending up exactly where we started.

Intriguing? I hope so! One of the things that I think really worked about the lecture performance was that it’s 7 sections were delivered in an order chosen blind by the audience (7 lovely souls who squeezed into the !Wakaka!! kitchen).

7 lovely souls

We asked them to “pick a card, any card” from some specially Zoe-made ones with the names of each section on one side and the fetching poster, designed by our hosts, on the other. That certainly kept it fresh for us, and audience members said that they liked the degree of interactivity. Our main theme was ‘structure becoming content’ so I hope this was apposite.

You can see in the picture below Zoe and I mid-flow, with the sections lining up in front of us.

Iain_zoe2for blog

And here, in a dazzling display of audience talent, are some magnified sea-monsters made during the ‘structure workshop’ section!

edit seamonster


Our hosts were marvellous to work with. I would encourage anyone with the slightest degree of creativity to start wooing them now in an attempt to get a booking for one of these kitchen extravaganzas. They were very open to our ideas, however vague they must have seemed at first, and the experience of preparing a ‘lecture’ for a cosy group in this context was a wonderful chance to try out something that we might not have had the support and headspace to do otherwise. Each family member contributed, not least Chris and Jennie’s seven-year old son Rudy who recorded a poem for us coping deftly with vocabulary that might have given pause to someone twice his age – eg. bioluminescence, I kid you not. Also, the food was delicious!

There’s a publication being produced by Chris and Jennie at !Wakaka!! towers, which pairs up some of the text we wrote for the ‘sequence’ sections of the lecture with images that they and the kids produced. So watch for news on that and I’ll probably dip into the tranche of writing/image material we generated again on this blog, but for now, Zoe, my fine collaborator, thank you for the experience. I’ve learned a lot from chewing the rather large mouthful we bit off there.


*picks content from teeth*


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