Forest performance planning, with help from Richard Taylor


Was over the road at Forest Centre Plus tonight, looking at spaces for my Emily Dickinson all-poems readings. My pal, the artist Richard Taylor was helping me check out a former consultation room, complete with security glass, which is looking very promising. The idea would be that the public – that’s you! – could come and listen to me reading the poems from the other side of the glass. Here’s Richard with some additional plastic in front of his face.

Emily space RT

I might look at partially concealing myself as well as being behind the glass, which is why we were messing around with masking. The thought of Emily Dickinson keeping herself sealed in her room, is somewhere behind this idea. There’s a famous story, and I wonder if it’s true, that when her doctor came to examine her in her last illness, she only let him peer around the door from the hallway. I’m intrigued by a possible valency linking the sealedness of Emily D and the locked away parts of this dormant building.

And talking of Richard Taylor, earlier in the day, I enjoyed seeing his art work in a three-person show with Dickie Webb and Claudia de la Peña at Newhaven Station, in Edinburgh. Here’s me loving his work Paint By Leaf. It’s on till Friday if y’all get the chance to catch it.

Iain paint by leaf Richard Taylor




2 responses to “Forest performance planning, with help from Richard Taylor

  1. Karen Bates

    If you need a reader with moon face and flat dark hair I could do that.

  2. Hi Karen, thank you for the offer 🙂 I think I’m going to run this one with me reading the whole lot, but if the idea develops I shall keep you up my sleeve! Are you an Emily Dickinson fan yourself, then?

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