Iain Morrison at Caesura this Friday, 8 Nov 2013

Hotly anticipating my return to Graeme Smith’s excellent, and much engorged, Caesura spoken word night. That is, if I’m allowed to hotly anticipate myself (Vanity thy name is Morrison).

Graeme pointed out on the facebook event today that the last time I read with them was at Caesura  #4. Well, they’re up to Caesura edition #18 now and have been busily accruing their reputation as “the voice event of the only real literary avant garde in Edinburgh” (as Martin Belk put it). Basically they’ve upped the ante and I’m going to have to raise my game.

I have worked hard on this, though, so am hoping to pull off some sort of credible reading of my new longish poem ‘Hippocrener’ without getting too soaked from bottles of beer/piss thrown at me by the now alarmingly swollen crowd of regular Caesura aesthetes. It’s good that they’re vocal, I tell myself now, before stepping into the ring. That’s the point, right…?

Here’s a giddy extract from Hippocrener for any keenos wanting to ostentatiously nod along/off at the appropriate moment (encouraged behaviour. I am vain, remember) 🙂

‘Bod bud, soft-porn is an attractive category, promising not to bruise;

show me the rib and show me the rib only.

Unmoved much to care, electrolytic Hippocrener, Diabolus in Musica, hemiola utterer, ghost in the machine,

do I consdescend (to myself) to estimate what percentile of the populace my voice can speak for or, failing, over?

Engagement and interaction vs. truth-shout vis-a-vis personal experience.

Variable isn’t when or who

so much as how it represents a voiceless alveolar lateral fricative or similar sound, velarized.’

Hope to see some of you upstairs at The Artisan Bar. Night starts at 7pm-ish I believe. Entry by donation according to Graeme Smith’s The Goodnight Press website. Many talents on the bill: Sandra Allan, Karen Veitch, James Leveque, Graeme Smith, (me).


CAESURA nearly here – ma reading on Friday

Hello world,

The next reading I’m doing has come round fast. It’s this Friday at The White Horse Pub (which is so actually NICE) on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It runs from 7-10pm but I guess I’m on earlier as the line up is pretty impressive. Peter Manson – cool!

Below is the nice flyer thing. I’m working on my descriptor skills!

On the night, I’m reading a wee sequence of poems about family. It sort of came together from different things I’d written and I’ve joined up the dots.

A snippet, you say? Ok, here’s a verse from Mother.

What is it ma mother is knowing not knowing

And where is she holding it?

I think it’s a family

family family secret secret

feels hieroglyptic she can’t tell

Hope to see some friendly faces there.

New CAESURA date – 29th June

Hello! Things have jigged around a bit with the CAESURA reading series dates. I’m now reading on 29th June, a month earlier than before, so I guess I’ll get my poetry skates on because it’ll surely be upon me before I know it.

It’s a different line-up that night too with, excitingly, Peter Manson on it. See a recent example of his poetry here in this Hydrohotel issue.

Am feeling like I’ve earned some creative stripes today as PiP, the Poetry in Progress group I delight in being part of, regrouped last night for the first time in 2012. Much Prosecco and ink were spilled in the pursuit of ideal poetry. Interesting dreams followed – usually a sign for me that the creative tectonic plates are usefully on the move. I’ve been thinking a lot recently and processing the feedback I got over the last year about my writing and working through my reaction to the obstacle course of new reading I took myself over. It’s been daunting to work out where to direct my pen, but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and trust some new steps out again.

Iain Morrison WAS GOING TO BE reading at CAESURA in July


See here for details

Hello, just a quick post to flag that I’m reading in a couple of months at the new CAESURA night at the Renroc Cafe in Edinburgh. Looking at the past two line-ups, it should be a good night. The estimable Greg Thomas is reading too. I’m lucky to know the chap. He’s a force for the good in Scotland’s text-art/art-text conversation and it looks from his blog like he’s getting close to the bone with some sinister skin graft effect poetry. Well, that’s probably saying too much. He’s very genial and not scary. Have a look.

NB NOW READING ON 29TH JUNE……..It’s 27th July. Would be good to see you if you’re around. I’m glad to have a date this far ahead with a bit of time to perhaps drive to a close some texts/poetry I have open. Montgomery Street’s turning into a bit of a wee cultural corner with The Old Ambulance Depot just round the corner and it linking up with the Leith Walk gallery/studio cluster. The event should appeal across disciplines as Graeme Smith who runs it is up for poetry+experiment.