Scree 6

Am very pleased to be among the poets featured in the latest issue of Lila Matsumoto’s Scree Magazine. Inspired by 60’s small press magazines like Hamilton Finlay’s Poor Old Tired Horse, Lila retypes all of the included poems on an actual old-school typewriter, which is a lovely thing to imagine happening to one of your poems.

There are some great things in this issue, including work by Calum Rodger and Gerry Loose.

Details of how to get hold of one are on this link. The theme of the issue is…SPACE!


I have truck with this

Spotted poet-friend Gerry Loose’s name in a link to this online magazine. Haven’t investigated fully but have seen enough to come back for more. Am intrigued by Gerry’s arrows, for a start. I like a good arrow or non-textual signifier!


Anyway, ladies and gentleman, I introduce TRUCK.