SJ Fowler on his Berlin experiences

Sharing here Steven Fowler’s interesting blog postings about his activities in Berlin. The most recent, summing up a visit to the provocative and well-organised literaturhaus the Lettrétage, where I was happy to be hosted last year for at the SOUNDOUT! Festival. The Lettrétage have been continuing their work of bringing programmers and literary practitioners from Europe together to enlarge their networks and draw inspiration from each others’ work and realities. Work which is really pretty potent, especially if you get caught up in its enthusiastic rearrangement of mainstream received wisdoms. Certainly sharpened my thinking.

Not that Steven ‘SJ’ Fowler’s thinking needed particular sharpening up. In fact, I found I understood a lot more about his motivations for managing the apparently huge workload of instigating and organising I’ve witnessed, when I read his writing here on the threads of the Berlin conversations that struck him as familiar ground: ‘people before poetry, process over product, respect in the world, disrespect in the text…’.

That’s just one of several points in his Berlin write-ups that I took away as particularly rich and compacted language use with implications that I wanted to spend further time thinking and living on.

Read the whole Berlineries here. Thanks Steven for energy plus lucidity.