*NEW COLLECTION* I’m a Pretty Circler (2018)



The following is a partial list of earlier publications of my work, either within journals/anthologies, or in solo publications. The list includes online and offline publications.

Moving Gallery Notes, John Hansard Gallery, 2018

Anything Anymore Anywhere, winter 2011

Scree 4 and Scree 6

Soanyway Magazine, Interlingual issue.

Becky Campbell, Short-lived settlements exhibition catalogue, Athens. (image here)

Perplex, publication of writings made during Annuale festival, 2011

I AM NOT A POET assemblage (Very Small Kitchen) (the full publication is online here)

Cimitero 2012 (incl. The Detour Library, artists’ book version)

This Is Not The Place 2013 with Leiza McLeod (some images of me reading from the artists’ book version of the book (replete with ribbons of text)  in the tagged posts)

Kakania (2015), Austrian Cultural forum

Modern Edinburgh Film School’s Queer Information (2014)

HOAX 5 (2015). Print publication, also downloadable here

Roads Read (2015) with Leiza McLeod. Limited edition poem/score. Audio online here.

Gutter #15 (2016)

The Burning Sand (2016), volume 5. My poem sequence, Four Plaints to his Love is in this beautiful publication.


from Four Plaints to his Love, pictured published in The Burning Sand

The Other Room Anthology #9 (2017)

Umbrellas of Edinburgh (2016), Anthology of poems about Edinburgh published by Freight. Includes 2 of mine: ‘Rock Lover Leaving Ritual’ and ‘a wish to lodge’

MARQUE (2017), limited edition pamphlet from Sam Riviere’s if a leaf falls press

Scotland Anthology (2017), Free Poetry

Front Horse #2 (2017)

Adjacent Pineapple #3 (2018)


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