Umbrellas of Edinburgh anthology

Aha! One of those really enjoyable anthologies that captures a flavour not only of a place but also of those writers working within its various scenes, has come to Edinburgh! And we have Russell Jones and Claire Askew to thank, two poet-editors who came up with the idea, collected poems from many of us in or connected to the city by ingenious shared google documents, and negotiated a publication deal with the much lauded indie publisher Freight (based in Glasgow, but happily not snooty about the other end of the M8 – gone are the days of Mark McManus’s Taggart).

The publication launches on Thursday 3rd November, 2016 at the Scottish Poetry Library. It’s available to buy online here.

I have two poems included: Rock Lover Leaving Ritual and a wish to lodge, geo-located in South Queensferry and the New Waverley Development respectively.