On the morning of the Saltire Awards

I could say that it goes without saying I’m delighted to be nominated for the Saltire Awards (category: Poetry Book of the Year 2019). But I want to tell that this delight comes from a happy complex of feeling that takes pleasure in the company that I am placed in on the shortlist, and in sharing what feels like a generational moment. Perhaps we have the good fortune not to be publishing in a year where big-name, established talents are putting books out, but it’s striking to see a list where five out of the six poets are 40 and under. It’s also a brilliantly queer list and, along with the companion shortlist for poetry pamphlet publishing, one that has enjoyed finding representative voices and polyglot tongues from the many places that poetry is hale in its work and play through Scotland.

I have written a little blog, here, for my publisher Vagabond Voices, giving a few notes on how my collection I’m a Pretty Circler came together. Congratulations to my fellow nominees Janette Ayachi, Harry Josephine Giles, Roseanne Watt, Christopher Whyte and Ross Wilson. I look forward to seeing you tonight!

Saltire Poetry Book of year shortlist 2019


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