Drag Pecha Kucha

The generousĀ folks at Creative Dundee have uploaded a video of my Pecha Kucha talk on various drag adventures. It takes in my interest in drag performance (as a non drag artist) and the collaboration with drag queens for a drag queen poetry event I organised at Scottish Poetry Library in 2016.

I enjoyed the Pecha Kucha format – it felt both faster and longer than I thought it would. The slides move quickly (apart from those horrible moments where you want them to and they seem to hang for an age), but I really needed to think about how I was going to structure what I was going to say over the full six and a bit minutes. The format sits somewhere between a performance, a lecture and a chat. The result felt like a useful exercise to benchmark a part of my practice that felt more and more evident to me and others, but which I hadn’t quite articulated the reason for.

The other (very varied in topic) videos from the night last November are all here. Oh, and we won the Creative Edinburgh award I mention. Boom!