This is doubtless a convoluted way of posting links, but I’m struggling to find a way of making a column in this theme. And I like this theme!

Excuse over. I thought I’d use this post as an updatable list of pages relevant to the blog, and I’ll link to it from the top menu.

To start with:

The Scottish Poetry Library!  (wonderful resource for my life in Edinburgh)

Zoe Fothergill (a visual artist I’ve collaborated with. This project, Eye Ball Gritty, is ongoing.)

Andrew Gannon (an artist I know from Edinburgh and whose work I like. I’ve even been roped into some of his performance work. Nearly literally!)

Colin Herd (poet I admire and who is part of the Poetry in Progress group in Edinburgh that I belong to. He’s published some of my work in his print magazine anything anymore anywhere)

Sita Calvert-Ennals (theatre director with whom Leiza and I worked on the Gimme the Beat Girls project. Bristol/Cardiff based)

Gob Squad (amazing performance company based in Berlin that I did a workshop with at….)

Arnolfini (the Bristol multi-arts venue, that supported a lot of my creative life in Bristol, hosting a performance of my show with Leiza McLeod, Gimme the Beat Girls)

InBetween Time Productions (led by the inspiring Helen Cole, Live Art programmer)

Brenda Knight (who’s an inspiring author researching women Beat authors amongst many other things)

and if we’re going way back, Winchester Cathedral (where I sang during my gap year).

Contemporary Music Making for All (ran a great summer school which helped me to get into a broader range of music-making)

and I was led into this by John Woolrich (the fascinating composer and my sometime teacher)

Calum Roger – academic, poet and mischief maker based in Glasgow

Scree Magazine – delighting homespun Edinburgh poetry zine inspired by 60’s handpresses run by Lila Matsumoto. I’ve had the pleasure of inclusion.

Jow Walton’s mind-bending cornucopia has a lot to answer for here at Sad Press too. Delve in an hope hopelessly to re-emerge intact. He’s got a new book out too called Invocation.

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